I mean, this toy was invented in Japan, and based upon even more ancient toys also, NOT from America, so how can anyone in the U.S.A. be good enough to compete in the World Cup Competition?
Maybe this picture can tell you something about how good the USA players are at kendama tricks!
Kendama World Cup winner
This is the World Championship standing for 2014 – see how many players representing the USA are on the list? AND, at the very top! 2014 Kendama World Championship was won by an American!d
Kendama Tricks World Cup winner

How about 2015?
Kendama World Cup 2015 standings
YEP, that too was won by an American! In fact 7 out of the top 10 champions are from the USA!!!
So, keep practicing and who knows maybe you too will represent the USA in the World Championships in Japan – and WIN!


Test out your virtual skills with this fun Kendama game today!

Virtual Kendama Game
Using only the mouse on your computer, (requires flash so doesn’t work on iPhone) see if you can perform some basic tricks!

Learning new tricks on your kendama is challenging but rewarding. As you begin to progress and succeed your confidence goes up and the enjoyment of the product does as well!

Many of the younger generation have spent time in front of the TV and game console beating levels and achieving new high scores online however, our bodies often get neglected when we only play games online. The kendama is the perfect toy to get us all up off the couch and out into the open air. It’s an interesting toy in that it requires a major portion of your body in order to perform most of the tricks! You need to stand up and bend your knees, you need good balance and hand-eye coordination in order to catch the ball on the post or cups of the kendama. You will notice that many of the kendama players will even break into a sweat when they are performing or competing at the higher levels of the sport!

Many kendama players gather socially and challenge each other to perform certain tricks. One game in particular that is popular involves a challenge where you perform a trick and your friend has to duplicate the trick but, if he/she misses there is a “letter” of a word counted against them. The first person to have each letter of the word counted against them until it spells out the full word is eliminated. There are many variations to this game but fun and social interaction is at the heart of all of them!

For parents and the more curious minds: Consider the fact that most of our behaviors are determined, influenced or controlled biologically. When we get out of the house, succeed at a fun task or game and socially interact with others, naturally drawing smiles on our faces, we experience a series of chemical reactions in the body that are rewarding and stimulating. You can read more about this from many different sources as scientists continue to find benefits and triggers of Endorphins, Serotonin, Oxytocin and the elimination of Cortisol from your system.